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Solis Partners, Inc. specializes in delivering high-quality solar power systems to commercial, utility, government and non-profit clients. Solis is a comprehensive partner, offering the complete solution you need to power your business with solar.

Our vertically integrated service model simplifies your path to solar energy by consolidating and managing all of the steps and processes necessary to see your project through to success.

We focus on developing and financing, full service solar power systems that allow our customers to meet their long-term energy needs while reducing operating costs and addressing their carbon liabilities.

Solis provides energy alternatives that can offset costly peak conventional electricity demand as well as the related fossil fuel dependence by making use of under-utilized assets, such as rooftops, parking lots and vacant land.
With major financial incentives available from the state and federal governments and electricity rates increasing, solar power systems are well positioned to deliver real economic benefits to your business or organization.

There has never been a better time to transform your property into a value-generating asset, increase net operating incomes and demonstrate environmental leadership. Contact us today for a solar feasibility analysis.
Solis provides turnkey services from system design, material procurement, installation, project management, commissioning and production monitoring.
Solis presents clients with a comprehensive assessment of their portfolio's solar potential, identifying where solar delivers the most value.
Solar can be applied quickly across a portfolio of properties, integrate seamlessly with existing building systems and provide long-term economic benefits.